Hugo Fruehauf: Career Epochs


The '60s

- Chief Test Conductor and Complex Operations Manager for the Static Firing Test Program of the Saturn-V, S-II 2nd Stage at Mississippi Test Facility (MTF), now Stennis Space Center. With the team, provided launch support operations for numerous Apollo launches at Kennedy Space Center. The S-II 2nd stage was a North American Rockwell liquid hydrogen, high energy vehicle, designed and built in Seal Beach CA.

- (1960-65): Field Operations Test Engineer for Atlas-Agena launches and Titan-I ICBM testing at VAFB; test launches of the TM-76B Cruise Missile at Cape Canaveral, FL.

My Mission

Bring back the very successful NASA-Apollo Manned Space Flight design, test, and safety culture for today's generation of manned space flight engineers, test, and launch operators.



The '70s

The '80s, '90s & the 2000s